4 year old boy drowns in back yard pool.  My compassion is for this little child as he gulped his last breath of air on this earth.  Then in a tortured panic sank to the bottom of THE UN-FENCED pool.

Compassion for the neglectful caretakers?  No! There needs to be child neglect laws in place for these unecessary drawings.  It’s ungainst to leave a dog in danger in a car!  A child neglected around water around water?  Not so!

Grannie Gator-head is back in the water…..watch those kids!



Off for a while

Dear friends,

My dear hubby, then I, have been laid up with various illnesses and accidents.  Swimming in our jacuzzi for rehab.  2016 will be back in the water.  Please be safe around water.,

love to all,








lake pleasant with Bev004

DSC01988_editedAfter not competing for a while…..due to long distance bottle-head swims…fun to take a gold in the 200 IM….from my adoring husband!

In the greater Phoenix area, we have now lost 14 children to drownings year to date.  This is as many as the entire year last year!

Mostly toddlers:  No pool fences and parents partying poolside.



Swimming Distance:  La Jolla Cove, CA

Lost a 3 year old while his guardians partied. Lost a 13 year old boy on a Church outing at local lake: He was swimming too long, too far out and alone. He drowned before they could reach him. So many tragedies so early on this year.

Phoenix lost another child yesterday

An eleven year old drowned yesterday taking his above ground pool cover off………..How tragic,,,,,,,Please be careful this summer.