Going down to Puerto Pensacola (Rocky Point) Mexico mid -May for 10 days to present our Drowning Prevention Program to those who want to learn more, take a lesson and have fun.  All ages and always free with treats.  Plan  to work with underpriveledhed children there.  On e-mail while there or message here. Granniegatorhead@yahoo.com


in 2017, in Maricooa County we had 55 near drownings…7 adults and 6 children.  Time to gear up!  We are back in the water after losing a shoulder and living with a broken arm.  Can’t keep this grannie from getting back in the water for drowning Prevention.  I can still compete nationally, just choose to focus on open water swims and drowning Prevention.

4 year old boy drowns in back yard pool.  My compassion is for this little child as he gulped his last breath of air on this earth.  Then in a tortured panic sank to the bottom of THE UN-FENCED pool.

Compassion for the neglectful caretakers?  No! There needs to be child neglect laws in place for these unecessary drawings.  It’s ungainst to leave a dog in danger in a car!  A child neglected around water around water?  Not so!

Grannie Gator-head is back in the water…..watch those kids!


Off for a while

Dear friends,

My dear hubby, then I, have been laid up with various illnesses and accidents.  Swimming in our jacuzzi for rehab.  2016 will be back in the water.  Please be safe around water.,

love to all,








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